Gott Health

Let husband and wife team, Roger and Tracy Gott, provide you with the skills, motivation and knowledge to a healthy and productive body.

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Pro Tip

Daily ten minute chunks of activity - walking, weights, yoga, cardio and so on, is more beneficial than one weekly sixty minute session performed all out. Remember, the body adapts progressively to overload and resistance. Small improvements done gradually will yield a far better result.


How Fit Are You?

This is a tough one, but it will let you know how your fitness stands. Perform 8 burpees on the minute, ten times in a row. Rest only as long as it takes for the minute to be completed. Not for the faint hearted...and as always, seek medical approval before starting.


Workshops, Seminars and Team Building

With the endorsement of corporate businesses such as Westpac Bank and Highbury Homes, Roger and Tracy can help people become leaders in their chosen fields. Let them empower you and your team to deliver better productivity and create a winning culture! Click on the "Find Out More" button above for further details.


Eating For Wellness

With so many different diets that are portrayed in the media, eating options become a confusing mess for most of us. Food and fluid remain vital ingredients in sustaining our life. Drink more water than you normally would on a daily basis. Eat as many different coloured fruits and vegetables through out the week. Add in lean protein from plant or animal sources and you have made a solid start to fueling a functioning body.